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Rabbi Yehuda Fensterszaub

Rabbi Yehuda Fensterszaub (2)Associate Fellow

Rabbi Yehuda Fensterszaub is a New York native. He spent considerable time studying in Yeshivos in Israel and in Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv in Far Rockaway, New York.

Rabbi Yehuda earned a degree in Talmudic Law and holds a Masters degree in Education and a second Masters in Special Education from Felican College in New Jersey. He has taught children and adults of varying backgrounds for more than ten years.

Rabbi Yehuda is married to Dr. Shaindy Steinberg, from Emmanuel, Israel. Shaindy earned her doctorate in physical therapy from Touro College in Manhattan.

They are the proud parents of four children, Avi, Breina, Racheli, and Yechiel.

The Fensterszaubs are excited to join the Hollywood Community Kollel and to be part of the dynamic Hollywood community.